Common Fund

District  Assemblies’ Common Fund (DACF)

We am glad to mention that, the Assembly has received a total amount of One Billion, Nine hundred and Four million, Six Hundred and Sixty one Thousand, Four hundred and Seventy two Cedis ¢211,904,661,702.00 ) as its share of the District Assemblies common Fund.

This amount represent all the 4 quarter allocations for 2001. A Chunk of the amount was used to off-set out standing debts owed to contractors.  While the rest was used to execute various Development Projects and programmes in the District. 

As part of our development commitment, we made counterpart contributions to Donor support projects and programmes in order to continue to enjoy their support as well as build trust and confidence in our relationship. From 2001 to date, the Assembly has made the following counterpart commitments.

European Union Micro projects                        ¢ 99,713,000.00

Community Water and Sanitation project         ¢ 70,700,000.00
Village infrastructure project                             ¢ 60,000,000.00

 Danish support to District Assemblies            ¢127,780,000.00






















Date Created : 11/17/2017 6:14:37 AM