Much has not been done to increase accessibility to social and economic facilities of physically challenged person, e.g.

  • Registration of the physically challenged was not done due to unavailability of logistics
  • Financial assistance to the physically challenged was not provided
  • No skill development for physically challenged
  • No statistics of women and vulnerable group was documented.

Gender Development

To achieve the over all goal of the GPRS II and Ghana current socio-economic development, there is the need to adopt accelerated growth of the child. This includes protection, policy, capacity building and empowerment of the vulnerable and the excluded (women, children and the physically challenged). The district therefore has high rate of illiterate women, physically challenged and orphans due to their socio-cultural, religious and economic background. The district also has high rate of youth migration, especially the girl child, during the dry season. This has in no doubt contributed to high rate of HIV/AIDS in the District. 


  • The vulnerable and the excluded not involved in decision-making, planning and implementation of programmes in their communities (decision making process).
  • Opinion leaders have inadequate information on the right of women and children.
  • Inadequate data and activities on the vulnerable and the excluded.
  • Inadequate data on HIV/AIDS patients in the district due to lack of district hospital.
  • Absence of skill training center for the physically challenged and women


  • Organize training workshop for opinion leaders on the need to involve the most deprived and excluded in decision-making, planning and implementation of programmes.
  • Organize training workshop for both the opinion leaders and the vulnerable (women) and physically challenged.
  • Collect data on women group activities
  • Collect data on physically challenged persons.
  • Collect adequate data on people living with HIV/AIDS for care and support.
  • Tourisim Attractions

The following attractions offer potential for tourism development in the Central Gonja District. 


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