Safe Water

To promote good health and increase the standard of living of the people in the district, the District Assembly has established a Water and Sanitation Team within the Assembly to see to the activities of water and sanitation. The water situation in the District is not the best as compared to what pertains in other district. Some few rural communities have one or two boreholes serving a whole community while others have dried boreholes. This situation has made the fighting of guinea worm and other water borne related diseases difficult.

The district is however fortunate to have received support from AFD, EU and CWSA to drill a number of boreholes in the district.  Buipe, the District Capital is currently undergoing the construction of Small Water System whereby stand pipes will be provided at vantage point within the Buipe Township. Lito and Sheri are benefiting the same projects.  The District is imparting information to the local people on Water and Sanitation and disseminating information on safe water usage and management. The drilling for water in the District is difficult due to the low water table.  


The sanitation situation in the district currently is not the best.  With the exception of some few places of convenience, majority of the people defecate around haphazardly in the District.  The Environmental Officer and his supporting staff are educating the public on the habit.  The District is fortunate to have received support from (DWST). The treatment of waste disposal is also on going.  However the District Environmental Health Unit lacks the following to enable it operate effectively.

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Wellington boots
  • Nose masks
  • Gloves
  • Chemicals etc




Date Created : 11/17/2017 5:19:17 AM