Vulnerable and Excluded

This section looks at that section of the population that is incapable of coping and preventing the incidence of certain types of shocks when they do occur. They constitute rural women, children, physically challenged, the aged as well as people living with HIV/AIDS. Though there is no adequate information on the number and category of the vulnerable and excluded in the district, the issue of vulnerability and exclusion do exist in the district. The absence of information on the vulnerable and the exclusion is partially "• due to lack of institutions responsible for them. Thus, efforts should be made to establish institutions such as the social welfare, DVVSU as well as judicial services.

Several efforts are being made to protect this category of people. Plan Ghana for example is carrying out campaign on the rights and responsibilities of children. Priority is also given to women in the disbursement of District Assembly Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF). Women are also encouraged to take active part in district assemble election. The concerns of the vulnerable and exclusion should be integrated in the development efforts of the district. Moreover, nurseries (KG) should be established to many communities as possible to safeguard the future of the children.





















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