The district has its administrative capital at Buipe. The District Assembly has a total membership of 30 comprising 22 elected members, 8 government appointees (including the DCE and the MP). Area Council centres are at Buipe, Tuluwe, Yapei, Kusawgu and Mpaha. All the eleven decentralised departments are present but minimally functional due to challenges of inadequate staffing, logistics and office space. These generally hinder or impede effective district governance. 

Traditional governance complements the secular local government system. The Central Gonja District has five chieftaincy divisions including Buipe, Tuluwe, Kusawgu, Mankpan and Debre. Each of the five divisions plays specific roles in the governance system in their various areas and also in the Gonja traditional structure as a whole. For instance, Kusawgu and Tuluwe are two of the five skin divisions that can ascend to the Paramountcy or Yagbon-wura).

The Buipe-wura endorses prospective Yagbon-wura (Gonja overlord) and the Kagbapewura a subdivional chief under the Buipe-wura traditionally enskins the Yagbon-wura. The others are traditional elders of the Yagbon-wura. 




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