93.5% of the population is Christian, with only 1.6% Muslim, 0.4% Traditionalist, 0.8% other religion, and a further 3.7% claiming no religion.  Seventh Day Adventists make up a significant portion of the “Other/Not specified Christian” category.  However, the large percentage of this category of Christians is partially due to data collection agents not querying respondents about the specific type of Christianity practiced.


A vast majority of the population of these communities are Akan (93.6%).  The percentage of Akans is highest in Patriensa and Kyekyebiase (97.3% and 97.2%) and lowest in Nyaboo (79.1%).  

Ewes make up a small percentage of the total population of the communities (2.2%), but form a more significant percentage in both Nyaboo and Obenimase.  Other ethnic groups, each forming around half percentage of the populations, include: Ga-Dangbe, Dagomba, and Mole-Dagbani. 

Traditional Authorities

Traditional Chiefs and Queen Mothers rule the towns and villages. The municipality has three (3) traditional councils namely Agogo Traditional Council, Konongo Traditional Council, and Odumasi Traditional Council.

Tourism  Attractions

There is great potential for tourism in the Asante Akim Central  Municipal For instance, the Municipality has grottoes near Dwease, where religious groups pay occasional visits to offer prayers. These grottoes can be developed for cultural tourism. Furthermore, there are ancient caves such as Denteh Buom Cave at Agogo and another one near Pataban.

The Municipality also boasts of a waterfall at Aguoso on River Oyem. Add to these, the colourful traditional Akogya festival at Agogo and the Akogya and Afram Fetish Shrines at Agogo. Here, investors also stand to exploit areas such as hotels, guest houses and restaurants to cater for the high number of visitors who troop into the Municipality to visit the rich cultural attractions.

The forest constitutes a major natural resource in the Municipality providing various species of wood which have high economic value. These species include Wawa, Odum, Ofram, Sanfina, Okyere, Onyina, Kyenken, Otie and Yaya, and these are available for potential investors to exploit and establish small and medium size wood industries.

All put together, there are abundant opportunities available for private investors, the result of concerted efforts by the Municipal Assembly to provide the right enabling environment for rapid economic growth.



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