But for the government’s policy of controlling and effectively managing timber resources in the country to ensure their sustainable use, the District would have been the hub of lumber and sawn-mill activities. Very notable timber and sawmills in the Western Region are located in the District. The Western Veneer Lumber Company (W.V.L.C), BMK, Mondial, Metro-Star, Farouk Industries and Primwood Ltd. The rest are Intex Ltd, GDC Limited, and Said Ltd. These companies used to be the major sources of employment and economic activities in the District.

Agro Based Industries

Large tracts of the land of the District are under cultivation in both oil palm and rubber as have been said already. There are two major agro-based factories namely NORPALM and GREL that produce edible and industrial oil palm and industrial rubber  Cassava which is the biggest tuber crop of production and consumption in the District is processed in small scale into gari and starch. Akpeteshie distilling is also an important agro-based activity in the District.

Small Scale Manufacturing

Furniture manufacturing is also very important in the district. This activity is concentrated in Apowa, Beahu and Agona Nkwanta. The district can also boast of several sandcrete block making as well as akpeteshie distilling.

Livestock Farming

This type of farming is also important because people supplement their incomes with the rearing of cattle, goats, sheep and local poultry.



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