Implementation Arrangement

The Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly as the Planning Authority, with the support of its sub-structures, is fully responsible for the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programmes and projects in the district.  To be able to undertake these functions effectively, the Assembly needs financial and human resources.  These resources can be mobilized both from within and outside the district.


The Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly, under the Local Government Act, is encouraged to look for assistance from Central Government, NGOs, Embassies, and other donor agencies.  The Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly would exploit such facility to its fullest.  It is against this background that the Assembly is seeking support from the donor community to finance this plan.  The above will however not be the main area that the Assembly would depend on to fund the plan, but from Internally Generated Funds (IGF) as well as funds from Central Government like DACF, and GET Fund, among others.


It is the hope of the  Assembly that donors/institutions and other sources mentioned would assist when contacted to ensure smooth implementation of the development programmes and projects so as to enhance the quality of life of the people.


Beautification Plan


The Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly (CCMA) has embarked on a 5-year Beautification Development Plan (2001 – 2005) to restore the Metropolis to its past glorious status.


Under the plan, target areas that need management expertise, re-capitalization and new entrepreneurship to make this historic  place to visit as a tourist and pilgrimage destination, an investment centre and a learning haven, have been identified.

Target areas for the beautification programme which could be of interest to individual, corporate and institutional investors include:

• Cape Coast Castle, Forts and scenic buildings and provision of additional facilities, eg. Restaurants, recreational centres and dance theatres;

• Upgrading of day markets and creation of night markets;

• Creation of landing bay and the provision of storage facilities to boost the fishing industry;

• Upgrading of and creation of festival grounds and parks with emphasis on Victoria Park as a ceremonial and cultural centre;

• Upgrading and promotion of old but relevant customs and cultures and creation of new ones;

• Using billboards and other signages to beautify the municipality as information point and directional  signs;

• Creation of learning and research centres for students and visitors;

• Creation of arts and crafts centres;

• Promotion of sporting facilities;

• Promotion of educational campaigns on environment, sanitation and health;

• Development of Fosu Lagoon into a leisure complex to cater for all interests, including boat / canoe racing.


The objectives and benefits of the Beautification Plan include:

• Creation of an enabling environment for social and economic development;

• Improving CCMA’s wealth generation capacity through enhanced development;

• Promotion of tourism, education, trade and investment;

• Improving public safety and child development; and

• Restoring, promoting and protecting historical monuments and public properties as well as beautification of the environment.

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