The District has a number of recognized MSMEs such as car repairs, wood works, metal works, handicraft works, palm oil extraction etc. These MSMEs are currently not located in an industrial zone because of electricity and other factors. Out of the 0.6% of the industrial sector, Agro-processing takes 0.3%, Mechanics 0.2 whilst others like Wood Processors reports 0.1%. All people employed in the sector in the District are private investors. This implies that the private sector should be the centre of focus in efforts poverty reduction in the District.

The District intends to develop an Industrial Zone within the 2010- 2013 Medium-Term Development Plan. This is in line with the District’s vision to provide an enabling environment for small and medium scale industries in the District to grow and be able to compete with other local industries elsewhere in the region.

As such the District has earmarked a large track of land for the development of the industrial site. The site is located at Wamfie Extension, between Wamfie and Wamanafo and covers a total land area of 11.33 hectares made up of 112 plots. The land has been acquired, necessary documentation done, cleared and levelled. The industrialists have expressed their preparedness to move as soon as the Zone is prepared and electricity is connected to the site.


Date Created : 11/16/2017 2:55:23 AM