The District has low industrial base.  The few industries are:

a)    Agro-based related industries such as Garri production

b)    Wood – based industries, example timber processing

c)    Metal based industries, example blacksmithing


Ahafo Ano North District is a Sub-Forestry District of Nkawie.  As forestry services division is more concern about the management of our natural vegetation cover, both off reserve (farm land) and Forest Reserve in the District are under control by forestry.

The forest reserve in the District is a small portion of Desiri Forest Reserve which start from Danyame, Abonsuaso extend through Subriso and end at Twabidi currently the condition of the forest reserve is so bad that we cannot demarcate it as a concession to any timber firm.  Illegal farming, illegal settlement, chain sawing and charcoal burning activities are the main causes of the forest degradation.

Some degraded areas of the forest have now turned into modified Taungya System, and HIPC Plantation to restore the lost ecology.  The surrounding communities are benefiting from it in terms of food, and shelter. There is one forestry officer (i.e. range supervisor) and three forest guards; they are in charge of forestry activities in the District such as forest protection, tree plating and supervision Timber Exploitation.

There are two registered Timber sawmill in the Ahafo Ano North District.  They are T.S.L (i.e. Tepa Sawmill Limited), and not function due to lack of raw materials such as timber logs.  There are also five (5) table sawmills which they are operating as a small scale, but big in carpentry shop.  These local sawmills were supplying sawn lumber for local market, and also to the carpentry shops for furniture, and construction purposes.

These Timber Companies, and sawmills in the District has employed the local people in their timber operations, and sawmill activities. They also pay concession fees, royalties, council waybills and social responsibility agreement to the District Assembly which promote the local economy. The off reserve within the Ahafo Ano North District is demarcated into three (3) parts Timber companies for exploitation of timber.

They are as follows

1.    Messrs Ayum Timber Company

2.    Messrs DRFP Timber Company

3.    Messrs J.E Timber Company


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