Traditional Authority        

There are six (6) Traditional Councils (at Asankare, Asuboa, Bompata, Gyadam, Obogu and Ofoase respectively) headed by Paramount Chiefs who together with several Divisional and sub-chiefs exercise traditional authority. The Paramountcies also serve as traditional courts for the arbitration of family, land and chieftaincy disputes and as such make for complementary and alternative conflict resolution mechanisms.



The Assin South District has two traditional paramouncies which are the Assin Apemanim and Assin Atendasu. Assin Apemanim paramount area is headquartered at Assin Manso, while Assin Atendasu paramouncy is headquartered at Nyankumasi Ahenkro.



Nearly half of the population (48. 4 per cent) is Assins followed by Fantes with 32 per cent. Other minority groups in the district include the Ewes, Akuapems, Asantes and Gas constitutes about 20 per cent. The common t spoken language is Twi.


Generally, 80 per cent of people in the district profess Christianity followed by 7.6 percent of Islam, 0.60 percent adhere to traditional religion and 6.1 percent are not affiliated to any religion and others, 5.7 per cent..


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