The Health care system in the District is based on the following hierarchy


Level A: This is made up of Teas (both trained and untrained but registered) and community clinics, manned by trained Community Clinic Attendants - Domeabra, Anwhiam, Sowutuom.


Level B: There are at sub-district level, namely: Odoben Health Post and Brakwa Health Post.


Level C: The only Hospital in the District is Breman Asikuma Roman Catholic Hospital. This Hospital has a catchments area across the Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa District to the neighboring district.

At Level A, minor ailments and dressing of wounds among others, is what pertains there. When sickness are severe they are referred  to Level B whilst the highest level of referral of cases is level C: When cases have been dealt with at the Hospital and the patient need periodic minor treatments, they are referred back to Level B which most of the times are nearer to the homes of the patient

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