Religious Affiliation

Table 3.6 shows the religious affiliation of the people of the district.  Christians constitute 83.1 percent of respondents, followed by Muslim (9.1%) and adherents of Traditional religion (0.5%). The Christian religion is further broken down into the Catholic (11.0%), Protestant (22.4%), Pentecostal/ Charismatic (29.0%) and other Christians (20.7%). About six percent (6.4%) of the population indicated they are not affiliated to any religion, with nearly twice more males than females.

Tourism attractions

The Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa District Assembly has,in recognition of the growing importance of tourism, identified various potential areas targeted for development into viable tourist attraction sites. It is the aim of the District Assembly to develop the sites and develop hotel facilities through private investment and is therefore ready to assist any investor in any capacity who would like to invest in this area.

There are three traditional festivals that can attract tourists.These are the Odwira Festival at Asikuma, usually held in November, the Ekwapong Afahye, held at Odoben in October and Pintanko Afahye held in October/November at Brakwa. Also at Asikuma are the Sanshyen Shrine and the Ewusi Ewusi Shrine.

At Baako are the Meretiti Shrine, Baawere stream and Dadwe Shrine, and at Kokoso is the Abisibasa Shrine. Jamra boasts the Anamea Shrine, Esuantenanaano Beach and a deep pit called Ewunoma. At Amanfopong, is the Aduona Stream, special sand and clay deposits, and at Bedum is the huge Odum tree after which the town was named. There is a large rock pedestal with a hanging out crop and a waterfall as well.

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