Tourism Attractions

The Bosomtwe- Atwima- Kwanwoma district has one of the largest natural lakes in the World that is the Lake Bosomtwe that holds the prospect for booming tourists  in the country. There are about 24 surrounding villages by the Lake. At the moment, only one settlement (Abono), a fishing community with a population of about 1549 has its tourism potential relatively developed. 

There is a first class road leading to Abono from Kumasi, a 30-minute drive. There is also the availability of 24-hour electricity, hotel accommodation, restaurant, summer huts, open terraces for sight seeing, lake transport and toilet facilities. There is a telecommunication facility at Abono and Kuntanase, the district capital for tourists to use.

An average of 30 foreigners a day and at weekends 50 visit the lakeside. While an average of 60 Ghanaian citizens visit the place every week. On occasions (public holidays) thousands of foreigners and Ghanaian citizens visit the resort.

The major problems facing the lake tourism are the poor roads which have resulted in the inaccessibility to the other 23 surrounding villages along the lake (with the exception of Abono), inadequate potable water and lack of security guards to protect tourists.

Other tourist attraction sites in the district are the brass- made ornament (Abyssinia) at Krofofrom. The brass ornaments industry at Krofofrom attracts a lot of tourists from Europe. An average of 50 foreigners visit the place in a month to look at the fascinating brass products. The centre also trains interested foreigners in the handiworks.