The District Economy
This section takes a total look at the structure of the district economy. The major economic activities are analyzed together with fiscal management, disbursement and common fund, revenue generation efforts etc. the structure of the district economy is made up of agriculture, servicing and commerce. Table 1.7 shows the number of the labor force and their percentages.

Primary Production
The major occupation in the district is agriculture that employs about 62.6 percent of the labor force. Crop farming employs 57.4% and fishing 5.2%. About 44% of those who engage in other occupations still take up agriculture as a minor occupation. Crop farming is done on a large scale whilst fishing is done on a smaller scale.

Crops produced in the district include maize, cassava, vegetables, yam and plantain. Maize, which is the predominant crop, has an advantage over the other crops because it has good market, matures early and can also do well on all the soils within the district. It can also be cultivated twice on the same field in one year. Improved seeds are easy to come by. Areas in and around Trabuom are leading in maize production in the district.

Cassava also thrives well in greater parts of the district. It has good market because of the district’s proximity to Kumasi. Areas around Kwanwoma, Afrancho, Tetrefu, Sawua, Aputuogya and the Atwima Sub- District are leading centers of production.

Vegetable production has a greater potential as it also has ready market in view of its proximity to Kumasi. Some of the rivers namely Oda and Bankoro that run through the district as perennial and therefore promote vegetable production in the dry season. Vegetable farmers around these rivers can be organized into groups and assisted with water pumping machines or wells. The cultivation of yam and plantain is satisfactory as their planting materials are available in spite of the high prices.
Commodity Flows

Most commodities such as foodstuffs are mainly transported to Kumasi due to District’s high proximity the Regional capital.