Development Projections

Development Projections 
To be able to plan effectively for the future we need to predict the number of people or facilities that would be available in the years to come. This section thus considers the development projections in the 2006-2009 planning period.  The 2000 Population and Housing Census put the population of Bosomtwe –Atwima-Kwanwoma District at 146,028, this is about 4% of the total population of Ashanti Region.  The current growth rate of 3% in the district is lower than the Regional growth rate of 3.4%.

Population Projections
The population has been projected mathematically for the next 10 years.  The growth rate is measured by assuming an exponential rate of change given by Pn = Poert . The implication is that the growth rate of 3% will remain the same throughout the plan period.

Where:         Pn     =     Current Population
                    Po     =     Previous Population
                       r    =    Rate of Growth
                       t    =    Time in Years
                      e    =    Exponent

Prioritized Objectives Of The District
In order to realize the set goals, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound objectives are set under each of the pillars of the GPRS II. 

Private Sector Competitiveness

1.     To enhance the tourism potential of the lake Basin by 2009

2.     To increase the private sector investors in agro-processing by 20% by 2009

3.     To increase the yield of maize, cassava, plantain, rice etc, by 50% annually throughout the planning period

4.     To increase the population of rural poultry and livestock by 25% by 2009

5.     To rehabilitate 50% of roads leading from farming to market centers.


6.     To develop 2 irrigation facilities to support all year round agricultural activities