Greater Accra

Ashaiman Municipal


Access to information communication technology is essential in increasing people’s knowledge and awareness of what is taking place around them. The world is now linked together with advanced communication technology and access to information is through the computer, mobile phone and internet facilities which are fast becoming essential for living a meaningful life. Globally, education or various systems of learning is now based on information and technology. HIV/AIDS campaign programmes that aim at behavioral change, for example, use ICT considerably. The banking sector and other sectors and businesses also depend heavily on information technology systems. There are plans underway in Ghana to transform the agricultural sector through ICT and make it attractive to the youth. Distance education programmes in tertiary institutions in Ghana, as elsewhere in the world, have flourished through the use of ICT


Information communication technology facilities also enable individuals and groups to use the social media for all kinds of activities. The relevance of ICT to individuals, households, businesses and various sectors of the economy cannot be overemphasized.

 Ownership of Mobile Phones
During the 2010 PHC, ownership and usage of mobile phones were assessed by collecting data on persons 12 years and older. From Table 5.1 persons 12 years and older in the municipality is 140,688. Out of this total 72.4 percent own mobile phones. Although there are more females than males in the municipality, 77.7 percent of males own mobile phones as compared to 67.3 percent of females. .

Use of Internet
Persons using internet facility refers to those who have access to internet facility at home, internet café, and mobile phone or by other mobile devices. Internet access is assumed to be not only via computer but also by mobile phone, game machine and digital televisions.

From Table 5.1, of the 140,688 persons aged 12 years and older in the Ashaiman municipality, 12.8 percent use the internet. About 2 in 10 (17.3%) percent of males in the municipality use internet whiles only 8.4 percent of females use the internet facilities in the municipality.



Household Ownership of Desktop or Laptop Computer

At the household level, ownership of desktop/laptop was examined to find out the extent to which household members in the region may have access to internet and other forms of social media. These have become indispensable resources for daily living in recent times. From Table 5.2, out of a total of 49,936 households in the municipality, 11.3 percent have desktop/laptop computers. Whiles 13.0 percent of male headed households have desktop/laptop computers, only 7.5 of females headed households have desktop/laptop computer.